Stephen H. Lipson

Different Every Day

Paperback, Hardcover




We’re different every day. Even if we hide in a closet, we can’t stop changes in ourselves or the world. But we have a choice. We can embrace change, looking for the possibilities that it presents. Steve Lipson has discovered opportunity in change, moving forward, seeking continuous improvement in himself, in whatever he can influence, in whomever he can touch. He has used the energy of change to fuel his life and his efforts to serve others and the world around him.

This story of one man’s unconventional approach to life is filled with provoking and quirky ideas and stories that will inspire you, make you chuckle, and give you hope.

Underscoring the value of teamwork in family, work, and community, this book is also a tribute to people who have helped along the way, including the complete strangers who cheered Lipson on to the finish line in a 26.2 mile marathon on his 40th birthday. Where else? Boston!

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Stephen H. Lipson


Paperback, Hardcover