Beatrice R. Rapoport

Journal of an American Away From Home

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May 12, 1944 – 25 days before D-Day
President Franklin Roosevelt orders a special team to undertake a mission to Moscow to tell Joseph Stalin about America’s capability to complete the development of the atom bomb. Based upon the personal journal of Beatrice Rapoport, one of the team’s leaders.


Sunday in Moscow
July 9th 1944 – 11:15PM My Room – Spazzo House

We know that now the going will get rough. Every effort will be made to get our documents — if they don’t succeed they’ll try to destroy us, papers, plane & all. Wish us luck, my friends. We’ll need it. (Even here, the walls have eyes & ears & glib fingers!) Page 86

Tuesday – July 11th 1944. It’s 2:18 A.M.

It’s hell in the air. We’ve been attacked and are waiting to find out when we bail-out. What next? I’m not afraid for myself — but you at home . . . . remember, it was worth the try.

Love B

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About the Author

Beatrice Rapoport (Bobby) was my mother. She was born in Russia September 21, 1910. Her mother Ida Rapoport was visiting family. Her father Max Rapoport was an American citizen.

In early September 1995, while helping Bobby move some old boxes into her new house, my wife Betsy found the Journal. Prior to that time we had no idea that Bobby had been in the United States Intelligence Service during World War II, and had reported directly to President Franklin Roosevelt.

The Journal is presented here with additional notes and images taken from a variety of sources to provide background for readers unfamiliar with the events history calls World War II, specifically the events of July, 1944.

Michael Feinberg

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Hardcover, Paperback


Beatrice R. Rapoport


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