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A cowboy’s quest for justice!

He spent half his life in search of the man who wronged him; the man who took away in a moment, the thing he loved the most.

Then, baring his soul, he placed his case before the only ones who mattered; his wife as the judge; his daughter as the jury, empowered to determine his fate. Would she find him innocent or guilty? Was he outlaw, wanted for murder, or was he a war hero? Was he alive, or had he died on the battlefield? When did the hunter become the hunted?

Ride the trail with “Booger Red” from Mexico’s bandit-infested deserts to Europe’s war torn battlefields; from the Snake River Rapids to the silver screen of Hollywood.

Ride with him To the Far Corners of the earth!

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About the Author

‘Red Cloud’, as he is known in the cattle country, has been a working cowboy and horseman all his life. Raised on a ranch in Colorado, he quit school at sixteen and went to work breaking mules to drive for the ZX Ranch at Paisley, Oregon, until he got hired on ‘with the wagon’. “All I ever wanted to be was a ‘big ranch’ cowboy. The first 30 years of my life, I didn’t know I could make a living if I wasn’t ahorse- back. I liked punching cows, riding broncs, and driving fast horses. I took part in a stagecoach holdup at a rodeo, which eventually evolved into getting one of my own and breaking 6-up hitches of Morgan horses to pull it. Two of the highlights were our 1976 stagecoach trip from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California; and our invitation to President Carter’s Inaugural Parade in 1977, representing the 17 western states. We started providing horses for the movies in 1975 with ‘White Buffalo’. Been at it ever since, including ‘Tombstone’, ‘The Alamo’, and ‘Into The West’.”

His first published work was the story of the Bi-Centennial stagecoach trip “Stagecoach 76’, in ‘The Tombstone Epitaph’. His current stories in “The Cowboy” magazine are of his life as a working cowboy.

Red lives lives with his wife on their horse ranch near Tucson, Arizona.

About the Illustrator

Margery Wolverton began drawing horses before she entered kindergarten; and continues her love of art work to this day. After being married to Red for more than 50 years, and seeing first hand the western way of life, the illustrations are her attempts to capture some of those moments of the working Cowboys.

The Wolvertons, Margery riding Hobo & Red riding Segundo, September 2011

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